Limiting beliefs Begone begone begone Removed

Limiting beliefs stored in all my bodies ( physical emotional mental spiritual and financial) you can leave now.
Limiting beliefs stored in all my minds ( sub conscious, conscious, and superconscious) you can leave now.
Limiting beliefs stored in all my cells and DNA molecules you can leave now.
Limiting beliefs Release Releasing Released.
Limiting beliefs Repair Repairing Repaired.

Limiting beliefs Dismantle Dismantled. Limiting beliefs Deactivate Deactivated Limiting beliefs Gone All Gone. Self love Self compassion you can increase in me now. I am Now living consciously. I use to live in low vibration Not Anymore. I am in high vibration attracting Abundance Now and always.

Published by SONI J

I have been into healing since April 1996. I am a perseverant learner and have mastered all levels of Reiki and other modalities including Theta healing, Affirmations, Decrees, NLP& Switch words. I have been teaching Usui Reiki since Jan 2010 and i integrate my healing with Psychology as i firmly believe true and honest communication and understanding of self and others is a essential part of healing. For me healing is journey and not a destination. Self-healing and self-love are everyday rituals of self-care and not as and when we need it.

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