Reminder to the self

Anger indicates weakness.
Silence indicates intelligence.
Smile indicates patience.
What is done is done.
What is gone is gone.
One of life’s lessons is “Always Moving On.”
Lucky are those who find a true loyal friend or true love in this fake world.
Future is not what we planned for tomorrow. It is the result of what we do today. So do the best in present & enjoy the future.
We can find inspiration from others, but DETERMINATION is solely our responsibility.
Because no matter how tough the world becomes, you must not run out of your sweetness.
Never doubt the power of your own potential.
Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.


Samadhi is the awakening of the identification from the prison that’s called ME. You can never actually be FREE because wherever you go, your prison is there. Awakening is not about getting rid of the mind or the matrix. On the contrary, when you identify with it, you can experience the flow of life more freely without fear.

Love is who you are by Kyle Gray

I trust in my gifts. I know that I can shine!”

Loving yourself can be one of the greatest challenges to overcome, but not for your soul, for your ego. The reason self‑acceptance can be so hard is because your ego will try to make your love conditional. You will love yourself when your body is “perfect” or when you finish the project you are working on, and so on.

But love is unconditional. It goes beyond boundaries, achievements, and vanity. Loving yourself is about being willing to see the great spark of light and goodness in the depth of your being; it’s about being willing to respect that the body you are in is a miraculous vehicle in which you are able to experience the brightness of your soul.

Lovingly accepting yourself means truly honoring who you are. It’s about moving beyond the self‑perceived flaws and finding the beauty anyway. It’s deciding you are no longer going to be represented by a negative opinion, fear, or anything else that’s come between you and your goodness in the past.

Love is who you are. Today the Universe is inviting you to recognize this truth.

Listen to your heart ❤️

Whenever you feel stuck or looking for guidance what to do next ,sit in silence and listen to your inner voice of your gut, your heart ,your soul not of your mind as the mind tells us things that are programmed in our subconscious programming which are not serving to our highest good in the current situation the mind always will bring to us the fears of the situation first the buts if’s and not’s. It seems scary and we start getting anxious and worried. We start doubting ourselves and others.

So ground yourself and listen to your heart always. ❤️ 💙 💜

Message from Bhagavad-Gita

Stand up and fight evil! Stand up and fight injustice! Conquer the EGO! Vanquish your weakness! Conquer the SELF! Make your life worthwhile and meaningful! Discover the truth about yourself – that you are not the material, physical body that you wear, but the immortal Atman ( Soul) within! Discover your homeland, and the special link, the invisible silken bond that ties you with the Supreme One, the Oversoul!

The message of the Gita is the message of courage , heroism and Atma shakti.

The Gita teaches us that weakness is a sin, while shakti ( courage) is a spiritual virtue. The Gita inspires us to Victory – moral and spiritual- in the battle of life .

Negative self talk

We humans are always doing this to ourselves. Our mind could be filling itself with frightening “what if” statements. Dwelling on countless worries and imaginary negative outcomes is like torturing ourself for no reason, especially when it’s about something that hasn’t happened yet. Turn down the negative self-talk so that you can hear reality!

Self acceptance

Without self-acceptance, you will limit and block how much happiness, prosperity, love, and success you will enjoy. The miracle of self-acceptance is that if you are willing to accept that happiness already exists in you, you will begin to experience more happiness around you.

Acknowledging your feelings

If we get in touch with our feelings,own and experience them fully, then we usually move forward to feel better emotionally and maybe then we make sensible decesions.