Be the co-creator of your life.

The key to independence lies in knowing that at every moment, in every instance, we are creating our life. The more we acknowledge this truth, the more power and freedom we experience.
Rather than blaming ourselves for the things we do not like in our life, we now realize we are manifesting our reality and have the power to change it.
Our life is a reflection of what we believe we deserve. As we deepen our acceptance of and open ourselves to the Infinite love of the universe, a new power flows through us, releasing us from the bondage of our old way of life.

Shakti Gawain

Being alive from within you


Rather than in the past or for the future.

When you stop looking for happiness

And start giving it to others.

When you want less of what you can see

And more of what you can’t see.

When anything in the world could be yours

And you choose the simple things.

When you have something to live for

That makes you feel alive.

When joy doesn’t depend upon the external

But upon the eternal.

When your life has roots

And your dreams have wings.

When you know the value of love

And value it above all else.

When you never let go of hope

But hold onto it for life.

When you have a purpose to fulfill

That fulfills you.

When you haven’t the strength to go on

But you’ve too much heart to give up.

When you aren’t led by your fears

But by your faith.

When you can find something good in the bad

And consider it a blessing.

When you would take nothing

For what is most important to you.

When you realize that success and failure

Are only what you think.

When you know the storms of life

Will pass on to a brighter day.

When you don’t waste time worrying

But use it to make a difference.

When you need something to stand on,

And your standards speak for themselves.

When you accept life on its own terms

And use them to determine your own.

When you are touched by the beauty around you

And the world is touched.

Abundance Activators

  1. GIVING OUT: Giving out is about your TIME, TALENT & TREASURE, especially in areas where you’re holding back. Giving out is about adding more value through your time, talent and treasure, especially if you have fallen into the trap of “waiting” for things to change, for the right time or opportunity.
    Time is about helping others or serving other’s without conditions.
    TALENT is about giving more value through your abilities.
    Treasure is about giving money to your source of spiritual nourishment.
    We are put on this earth to add value where value is needed. We provide value and are compensated for it.  It’s a beautiful exchange of energy.
  2. GIVING AWAY: GIVING away is about releasing things you don’t need or use anymore. All the stuff you’re holding onto in your closets,  cupboards, garage, store rooms that you can’t let go. It’s symbolic of a greater overhaul. Its a stuck energy with a story of lack or limitations attached. When we take out time to clear out any excess – anything from clothes to friendship/ relationship we’ve outgrown to business tasks that drain us- we clear the way for new and productive energy to.flow freely. As you let this energy flow again, in the form of giving away,throwing away or selling these things, it makes room for the NEW ABUNDANCE to flow in.
  3. GIVING UP: GIVING up is almost letting go of habitual resentment,  criticism, judgement,  complaining, or physical habits that aren’t congruent with your higher vision or goals.  Something more is trying to emerge, but if you’re holding on to these vibrationally heavier habits, they’re holding you down, blocking the flow, and increasing your struggle and pain. We do have a RIGHT to feel angry or sad but does it feel good ?? Our feelings are the bridge to our circumstances. We need to give up feeling bad. When you hold onto negativity, you block the flow of abundance. Raise yourself to a higher frequency by being mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Make an effort to feel only positive emotions.
  4. GIVING IN: Giving in is about SURRENDER. You’ve activated a larger life but are still holding on to smaller self-concepts. You will not be able to grow to the next level without releasing this resistance and surrendering to what’s trying to emerge. When you can open  yourself up to a true surrender of what is keeping you stuck, only then you can begin to SHIFT and RELEASE it.  The floodgates of blessings will open if you can quiet the voice of the EGO and trust the guidance of the DIVINE.

5.GIVING THANKS : If you take a moment to inventory your life, you will likely find that you are already quite abundant in many areas. No it’s at that moment that you can activate a partnership with the universe by maintaining a deep feeling of gratitude for all that you already have .
An attitude of Gratitude is the foundation of abundance. When you live in gratitude, the universe gives you things to be grateful for.  Align yourself to the same frequency as abundance .

6. GIVING TO YOURSELF: Whatever you’re trying to get from ” out there” is blocking the flow of it in your life, because whatever’s missing is what you’re not giving. We teach others and the world how to treat us by way of example. When you demonstrate love for yourself, you send a signal that you are to be loved. When you set boundaries,you teach people about what is most important to you. When you flow your heart and live a life of purpose, the universe rises and meets you halfway, graciously revealing your next best steps.
As you strive to spend more of your moments in alignment with your deepest desire the law of attraction begins to work in your favour and the blessings pour in.

7. FORGIVING: Forgiving is a powerful gift and principle. The magic is in the word itself, For-Giving. Its about giving not getting, it’s about extending yourself not withholding. It’s about loving your enemies, praying for those who hurt you, returning love for hate, releasing everyone from karmic & emotional debt so that I your heart nobody owes you anything and vice versa. This way the energy gets freed up. Forgiveness does not make your weak. On the contrary, it takes great strength and the compassion of a leader to forgive someone who has wronged you and to forgive yourself. As the forgiver, you regain control of your thoughts and emotions. Your energy had been on loan to another, and Forgiveness restores it to you.

by ” The  wealth Activators ” by Derek Rydall.

I am what I Am and who I am

“Be positive in all that you think, say, and do. Get rid of any guilt feelings you have, develop and trust your intuition, learn to quit worrying, visualize and affirm being successful and prosperous, develop and keep great faith, learn to deal with anger so it is not destructive to you or others, be totally responsible, learn to identify and control your stress, live one day at a time, and finally, trust a higher power or Universal Law to help you in your life journey and give you some support along the way.”

I am serene , powerful and confident

Mother’s Day & The Divine Feminine by Melanie Beckler

Happy Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity to honor and thank mothers. Your mother – the soul who said yes to bringing you to the planet, whether they remained in your life beyond that.

Mother Day is also an opportunity to celebrate Gaia Mother Earth, our spiritual mothers, as well as to honor the influence of all mothers in society.

Thank you!

Thank you Mothers everywhere for aligning with the sacred energy of the Divine feminine to birth us all in the physical.

Thank you for loving, nurturing, and caring for us all whole heatedly. Thank you for selflessly helping to set into motion each of our own unique spiritual journey’s through life on earth…

Of course not everyone has the most positive or healthy relationship with their birth mothers.

And the “Divine Mother” has been all but stripped from modern religious teachings as a face of the Divine…

For many, Mother’s Day may bring up feelings of loss, loneliness, judgement, and layers upon layers of past painful memories and hurts long buried and left unresolved.

So here’s where the redefinition comes in

Spiritually speaking, Mother’s Day is not only a celebration of our earthly mothers, but an opportunity to celebrate and consciously reconnect with the energies of the Divine Feminine, Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is the feminine face of God. The Supreme Intelligence, and Divine Presence that dwells in the space behind the material, in the space beyond all.

When we allow our awareness to expand beyond the ordinary mental consciousness and the confines of the physical, we can begin to see our unique connection and Oneness with the creative energy of life that goes far beyond what we can even comprehend.

We can connect with, honor, and celebrate the Divine Feminine, inviting the love, nurturing and transcendental consciousness of Divine Mother into our own lives.

The Divine Mother that is nurturing, compassion, tenderness, power, truth and grace.

The Divine Feminine energy, although still largely subjugated in its full expression on Earth, still shines brightly within us all.

The Divine Feminine that is the space for the Divine Masculine to provide and thrive.

The Divine Feminine that is the universal source of primordial energy, power, and creativity…⠀

That is understanding insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.⠀

And so this Mother’s Day.

There’s a new opportunity, that really has been here all along.⠀

The opportunity to reconnect with the presence of the Divine Mother, and the Divine Feminine within, to bring the Feminine into perfect balance with the Divine Masculine. ⠀

Allowing the Divine Dance of Masculine and Feminine to be re-birthed together.⠀

For it is within the healed balance of Divine Mother and Divine Father, that the True Power of unconditional love lives.⠀

Just waiting to reconnect, embrace, love, provide for, and nurture us All.⠀

And so, this Mother’s Day…

Honor your Mother in some way, the soul who said yes to bringing your soul to the planet.

Parents & Children

Struggles help all of us, that’s why a bit of effort goes a long way to develop our strength to face life’s difficulties!

As parents, we sometimes go too far trying to help and protect our kids from life’s harsh realities and disappointments.

We don’t want our kids to struggle like we did.

Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Dan Kindlon says that over-protected children are more likely to struggle in relationships and with challenges.

We’re sending our kids the message that they’re not capable of helping themselves.

To quote clinical psychologist,
Dr. Wendy ‘s Moral:

“It is Our Job to prepare Our Children for the Road & Not prepare the Road for Our Children”

So trust your upbringing and the capabilities of your child ….let them live their passion …not your dreams.

Passion & Compassion

Passion & Compassion – they go together , you cannot separate them . If you do not have passion , you do not have compassion . One lesson I have learned & learning that it is very important to feel compassion when one is on the spiritual path . Being on this inward journey does not require disconnection but just requires passion to achieve the goal of enlightenment and compassion .