Divine plan , free will

The plan that God has for your life, more the plan that comes to fruition based on your intentions and your highest good. You have been given the incredible gift of free will and therefore your thoughts, deeds, actions, and intentions are in some way going out into the universe and curating the experiences, opportunities,Continue reading “Divine plan , free will”

A Traditional Náhuatl Prayer

“I release my parents from the feeling that they have failed with me. I release my children from the need to make me proud, so that they can write their own ways, according to their hearts. I release my partner from the obligation to make me feel complete. I lack nothing in myself. I learnContinue reading “A Traditional Náhuatl Prayer”

Oracle of the 7 energies by colette Baron-Reid

There are situations in life when you see the value of loss, grief, and a broken heart. Yet it’s not the pain or loss itself that must be the focus of your attention here. No, not even the story of what happened, the details surrounding what has brought you to your knees, is as importantContinue reading “Oracle of the 7 energies by colette Baron-Reid”

Never argue with the ignorant

The worst waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who does not care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on arguments that don’t make sense… There are people who, no matter how much evidence and evidence we present to them, are notContinue reading “Never argue with the ignorant”

Reminder to the self

Anger indicates weakness.Silence indicates intelligence.Smile indicates patience.What is done is done.What is gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is “Always Moving On.”Lucky are those who find a true loyal friend or true love in this fake world.Future is not what we planned for tomorrow. It is the result of what we do today. SoContinue reading “Reminder to the self”


Samadhi is the awakening of the identification from the prison that’s called ME. You can never actually be FREE because wherever you go, your prison is there. Awakening is not about getting rid of the mind or the matrix. On the contrary, when you identify with it, you can experience the flow of life moreContinue reading “Freedom”

Love is who you are by Kyle Gray

I trust in my gifts. I know that I can shine!” Loving yourself can be one of the greatest challenges to overcome, but not for your soul, for your ego. The reason self‑acceptance can be so hard is because your ego will try to make your love conditional. You will love yourself when your bodyContinue reading “Love is who you are by Kyle Gray”