Abundance is a state of mind by Kyle Gray

The Universe is abundant in energy – it’s a force that has no beginning and no end. You are a spark of greatness expressing from the heart of the Universe – therefore it is your spiritual destiny to be abundant.

Within modern spirituality, abundance is a word that is energetically aligned with riches – but riches do not always have to be how much you have in the bank or all the great physical blessings in your life. Shifting your perspective and your perception towards how abundant you actually are internally and spiritually, can in turn support the creation and experience of physical riches in your life.

On Earth, we have a tendency to measure how rich we are by the things we have and the achievements of our life. When you do this – you have a tendency to measure or even limit your worth and this brings the danger that we will never feel good enough.

The Universe is not measuring your worth, for you are a part of it. As it’s abundant in nature – this is what it believes you deserve. As far as the Universe is concerned, you are perfect in every facet of your being because you are part of it.

You may not feel perfect, or rich, but you are richer than you think.

Everything you ‘have’ on this Earth is just an external representation of how rich you feel within and you can never be rich if you feel poor. Reclaim this story. Rewrite the narrative.

You are rich in opportunity.

You are rich in curiosity.

You are rich in experience.

You are rich in choice.

Abundance is a state of mind. Today tune into the blessings you have. Tune into the love of your people, your gifts and the blessings of your world. Make it your practice to notice your riches.

Published by SONI J

I have been into healing since April 1996. I am a perseverant learner and have mastered all levels of Reiki and other modalities including Theta healing, Affirmations, Decrees, NLP& Switch words. I have been teaching Usui Reiki since Jan 2010 and i integrate my healing with Psychology as i firmly believe true and honest communication and understanding of self and others is a essential part of healing. For me healing is journey and not a destination. Self-healing and self-love are everyday rituals of self-care and not as and when we need it.

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