Happy New Year. I am who I am

I am Peace. I am Balance. I am Harmony. I am Beauty. I am creativity. I am Compassion. I am Forgiving. I am Clarity. I am Love. I am Light. I am Peace. I am Unity. I am Divinity. I am the highest good for all. I am a glorious and unique expression of the Divine.

I am creating a life that is for my highest good and highest good for all. I am Honouring my connection with all that is. I am at peace with Who I Am and where I have been. I am allowing the abundance of the Universe to flow through me as me. I am Love and Love is me. Light of my soul shines brightly. I am creating a life that I always dreamt of. I am fulfilled in everything I Do. I am Peace. I am Balance no matter what comes by way. I am happy and my happiness is contagious ā˜ŗ šŸ’— . I am giving from my whole heart ā¤.

I am inspired and inspire al those who cross paths with me. I am successful in everything I do. I am the Master of my own Realities. I am Vibrant. I am Healthy. I am Whole. My life is harmonious and peaceful. I am attracting all that I need in every moment. I am prosperous I am wealthy and these gifts I share with everyone.

I love life and life loves me. I acknowledge my beauty within and without. I am excited with my work and it fills me with joy and satisfaction. I am Grateful for all the blessings that I have and those that are on the way. I am perfectly imperfect and I accept who I AM. I free myself from the judgements and perceptions of myself and of others. I am allowing the abundance that is naturally mine.

I am a channel of Divine power. I allow the light to follow through me. I am creating a life of my dreams. My thoughts are pure and always uplifting. I approach everything I do with a sense of oneness

Everyday I am getting better and better. I have created and I create extraordinary things with the resources I have. I am strong and growing stronger everyday .

I am peace . I am Balance. I am harmony. I am Beauty. I am Creativity. I am Forgiveness. I am unconditional love. I am clarity. I am Divine love and light. I am who I Am.

This is WHO I AM

Published by SONI J

I have been into healing since April 1996. I am a perseverant learner and have mastered all levels of Reiki and other modalities including Theta healing, Affirmations, Decrees, NLP& Switch words. I have been teaching Usui Reiki since Jan 2010 and i integrate my healing with Psychology as i firmly believe true and honest communication and understanding of self and others is a essential part of healing. For me healing is journey and not a destination. Self-healing and self-love are everyday rituals of self-care and not as and when we need it.

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