Blame to responsibility

One day suddenly a lightning strikes my life and everything changes literally overnight. I am sitting full of fears insecurities doubts about what did I do wrong that this happened to me . Struggling everyday with this new reality I went into depression and felt so disconnected with myself, my soul and my whole existence. I started blaming myself and others involved and just felt worse with each passing day. I was living a miserable life till a day when I realised that hey wait I have the power to change my reality and once I understood this my life started flowing with ease . Not to say I don’t have bad days but I don’t drown myself anymore the way I did in the past . Shifting from blame to taking responsibility for my actions and thoughts gave me the true freedom of being who I am. I am grateful for all the life lessons that have taught me awareness that helps me to understand situations and how my response will affect my reality.

Published by SONI J

I have been into healing since April 1996. I am a perseverant learner and have mastered all levels of Reiki and other modalities including Theta healing, Affirmations, Decrees, NLP& Switch words. I have been teaching Usui Reiki since Jan 2010 and i integrate my healing with Psychology as i firmly believe true and honest communication and understanding of self and others is a essential part of healing. For me healing is journey and not a destination. Self-healing and self-love are everyday rituals of self-care and not as and when we need it.

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