Lessons of life by Wafae Bazzi

Lessons of Life~I feared being alone,Until I learned to like myself. I feared failure,Until I realized that I only fail when I don’t try. I feared success,Until I realized That I had to try In order to be happy with myself. I feared people’s opinions,Until I learned that people would have opinions about me anyway.Continue reading “Lessons of life by Wafae Bazzi”

Taking a detour

“You may think that taking a detour in life is a waste of time and energy, but you can also see the detour as a means of learning more about who you are and where you are heading in your life. Being off the beaten path may be disorienting and confusing at times, yet itContinue reading “Taking a detour”

Your past doesn’t shape your future

Don’t let past relationships and old mistakes ruin your future. Don’t let someone or something that didn’t make it in your life continue to hurt you. If you do, you’re still giving a portion of your life to something that no longer exists – it’s like letting your happiness slip into a black hole. LearnContinue reading “Your past doesn’t shape your future”